Few Requests [Milftoon]

Maniacs for Comics, In Milftoons Little Request, this boy returns home when his mother is very tense because he does not know where his son was. He asks him where he was without answering the question that he is getting up so late. Her mother was too preoccupied to sleep so she decided to stay awake until he came back and now that she is at home, she decides to eat after she was away from home. He is not hungry in addition to the boy thinks that his mother treats him as if he were a five-year-old boy something that infuriates him so much that he goes so fast to his room infuriated by his mother. His mother reminds him while he feels sorry for the one who does not shout so loudly and wake up his father who a moment ago returned from work and is resting for tomorrow to work again. The boy was thinking about the bed that his mother treats him like a baby and in truth, he wanted to eat but he does not dare to tell his mother. In a while, his mother knocked on the door of her room and she wanted to know how he wanted to be treated, without further embarrassment he told her that he wanted to masturbate while playing video games and in the end, they ended up fucking.