Vox Populi Episode 43 – Red Rescue

Maniacs for Comics, the story begins with Catherine going after a clue that her informant passed to her. Arriving at an old abandoned warehouse, she stumbles upon Jessica. A new reporter very clogged. After discussing who is left and who leaves a mysterious car arrives and from inside leaves Senator Cormack. A worthless man, involved in corruption and prostitution, and with links to the Mafia. The young billionaire Edward is going to have sex with two beautiful women, one brown-haired woman to another a blonde-haired person and the two are nymphomaniacs, two women who like to fuck very hard and love the big and thick cock of the young rich boy. A very rich and powerful family, in his private jet, the young Edward puts his big thick cock in the pussy of two beautiful and very hot girls, women who love to give the pussy and suck the cock of a rich and powerful man. Much more adventures will happen in the incredible series Vox Populi, Edward will not exit and take out his revolver and shoot the burning clothes at that sick boy who was fucking girl’s pussy… Along with him comes a mysterious woman in an even stranger dress. To Catherine’s surprise, the Senator grabs the woman and forces her to have sex with him.